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Surrey Jitsu Club

Published 13th Mar 2012

I was fairly apprehensive before my first ever Jiu Jitsu session this year; having done a few sessions of Tae Kwon Do in my first year in the same venue I had seen them perform what looked like terrifying, gravity defying flips and rolls that somewhere in the back of my mind I had decided I would never be able to do.

However, upon entering the dojo (training hall) we were given a friendly greeting by Sensei Chris James and the rest of the club. This eased us into the atmosphere of the club which, having done 15 years of Karate and a few months of Muay Thai, still proved to be very unique with emphasis on a very high standard of discipline across all grade levels, whilst also maintaining a hard work ethic and friendly atmosphere.

Integration into the art of Jitsu was enjoyable, learning in the first lesson practical ways of escaping from a crushing handshake. This not only gave us as pupils an insight into Jitsu techniques but also showed us how practical Jitsu is in focusing on the human body's weaknesses.  When it finally came to the inevitable and we had to do the 'flips and rolls,' otherwise known as breakfalling, surprisingly it wasn't as terrifying as it first looked. It proved, in fact, to be fairly simple in comparison to other techniques taught and just took a bit of confidence to pull off.

I would recommend Jitsu as a martial art to anyone as it is by far the most practical and useful art you could learn, teaching you a combination of throws, joint locks and weapon disarms that translate into the modern day world very well. Surrey University Jitsu Club is at the forefront of Jitsu in the South East of England, one of the largest and a highly sociable club combining fantastic, and at times highly sarcastic, teaching by Sensei Chris James with the hard work ethos of his students and a friendly atmosphere that makes the club a perfect place for beginners or more experienced grades alike.

A big thank you to Chris James and the rest of Surrey Jitsu club for all their help and hard work this semester.

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