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Published 1st May 2012


Surrey RAG does Jailbreak 2012


For those of you wondering what Jailbreak is exactly, every year Surrey students use their initiative and powers of persuasion to blag and beg their away around the globe in order to raise money for charity. The basic premise being, teams have to get as far as possible from the University of Surrey’s Student’s Union in 36 hours without spending any money! 


At 10am on Saturday 3rd March, twenty two people eagerly set off from Chancellors undeterred by the pouring rain. After 36 hours, teams had managed to get as far afield as Milan, Orly and Glasgow. The winning Team Jazzhands, which consisted of Sophie Perry, Samantha Thomas and Shaun Millis, had worked their way to Kaunas in Lithuania – a phenomenal 1042 miles away from campus! In second place were last year’s winners, the Jelly Tots, who travelled 763 miles to Madrid. The Jelly Tots aka Zoe Phillips, Emily Underhill and Myles Inglis also raised an incredible £753.88 for Save the Children which brought the grand total for Jailbreak 2012 to £2200.68!


For those of you who missed out on all the exciting action of Jailbreak 2012, don’t fear! Surrey’s Raising and Giving Society will soon be announcing details of their next hitch-hiking event ‘LOST’ which will be taking place in May. Check out www.surreyrag.co.uk/lost for more details and a final thank you to all the teams who got involved in Jailbreak this year.

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