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University Leaps Up Student Poll

Published 13th May 2012

According to the latest Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey, the University of Surrey has rocketed up the tables.

The University leapt from 43 amongst UK universities to 15.

Over 14,000 undergraduate students from across the country took part in the survey, rating their institution’s performance in twenty one various categories that ranged from the quality of staff and lecturers to the social life and accommodation.

Director of Student Support, David Dickinson told the Times Higher Education that the results were “gratifying.”  He continued: “We are co-ordinating ourselves to deliver what students need when they need it. 

“This really is the result of a team effort.  Colleagues from right across the University have all pulled together to make things better for our students.”

The University achieved the fourth-greatest improvement this year.

In the last two years the University has implemented a new ‘student experience strategy’, which includes a £13.2 million investment in the library and learning resources centre, which is open 24 hours a day, and a major overhaul of its “student welcome,” says the magazine.

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