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Guildford Nightclub Saved From Closure

Published 13th May 2012

Backline Live, a popular nightclub in Guildford, may have been saved from closure after a potential investor made a last-minute approach.

The club had been due to open for the final time on Saturday 21 April as the current tenants are facing a 350 per cent increase in rent, raising the monthly bill from £1,000 to £3,500 for the premises.

Network Rail, the current owner of the property situated under the Farnham Road Bridge raised the rental cost following renovation work on the property by the previous tenants.

After reassessing the rent, Network Rail argued that due to the amount of money spent on the premises by the previous tenants, the new rent reflects the value added to the property by the changes made to it.

The current tenant’s current temporary trading licence has now expired and a contract must be signed with Network Rail in order for the licence to continue.

The club was first opened in June 2010 by Backline Entertainment.  An estimated £500,000 was initially spent on making changes to the venue, which included adding a second floor.

Backline Live took over the running of the premises, which has a capacity of 300, after the business went in to administration and paid the pre-existing rent to the administrators.

The current tenants may agree a deal with the potential investor to ensure the venue remains open, and enlist solicitors to continue negotiations with Network Rail.  

If the agreement is signed, they will owe Network Rail £35,000 due to rent being backdated from when they took control of the premises in July 2011. The bill will also include three months’ rent in advance.

Network Rail has confirmed the current tenants will not have to leave the property whilst negotiations are ongoing. 

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