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Award Nights Show-off Surrey´s Talent

Published 20th Jun 2012

The Student Awards recognizes the achievements of students through societies,events and volunteering. The Student Awards also recognizes exceptional societies as a whole, with awards such as Most Improved Society of the Year. This year Student Awards tookplace on the Thursday 17th May.

Wates was transformed for the event and everyone made a huge effort to look fabulous. It was an incredibly enjoyable evening, with awards given out by the Union’s own Osama Salih (President), Trung (VP Sport), Jake Willis (VP Societies and Individual Development), Sam Ratzer (VP Education), Ollie Deed (Union Chair) and the much loved Alan Roy. It was particularly nice to see senior management not only come along to support the students but for their kind words when giving out Student Awards. 

To kick the evening off Trung had everyone laughing(and marvelling at his brilliant memory) when reading out the Sports Awards, which had been previously read out at Saturday’s Colours Ball. A particularly heart warming moment was the Volunteering Gold Awards; every nominee was worthy of the award; it was decided that they all would win. Every winner and nominee was incredibly deserving of warm recognition from the University and Students' Union, but a particularly notable winner was Kirsty Stubbs of Do>More who not only won the John Hoborough for Student Volunteer of the Year but also the Outstanding Contribution to the Student Community Award. Do>More won numerous awards in their own right. Kirsty and Do>More have worked tirelessly to organise some really brilliant events this year and are entirely worthy of this high accolade.

Another worthy winner was Stage Crew who won Society of the Year and Student Run Service of the Year. Stage Crew’s work often goes unrecognized, yet they are incredibly diligent and hardworking. Without Stage Crew, all the events we enjoy at Surrey (from Rubix nights to Theatre Productions) would not be possible. 

Bakita ‘Masala’ Kasadha, the one woman whirlwind, was not only joint winner of the Volunteering Gold Award but also winner of Outstanding Contribution to Representation and Wellbeing. Everyone knows how amazing Bakita is and these awards testify to her hard work and dedication to Surrey students. 

Finally, The Stag’s very own brilliant editor, Jack White, won the Student Media Award. As his successor, I am incredibly proud (and slightly intimidated) to be following in his footsteps. Whatever you might think of Jack,or indeed The Stag, you cannot deny he has worked so incredibly hard to give the students at Surrey up to date news. Student Awards 2012 was a brilliant evening, enjoyed by all. I look forward to next year!

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