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Light-hearted, down-to-earth and impressively hard-working, Colleen Ballinger is a refreshing face in the U.S YouTube community. There is no big ego, no sense of taking things too seriously with Ballinger – rather, she has managed to craft a career off exactly the opposite: appearing to not take things seriously at all. She might be most famous for playing her alter-ego Miranda Sings (a delusional, fame-obsessed singer from Tacoma, WA) via a separate channel, but this vlogging platform acts as Ballinger’s contrasting outlet – a unique building block for her own personal brand. Is it a worthwhile endeavour? Read on to find out…

   Colleen Vlogs is an incredibly active channel, with new vlogs uploaded every week, if not multiple times a week, and livestreams, ranging from twenty minutes to over an hour, making a fairly regular occurence. This, combined with the fact Ballinger has not only a main personal channel (PsychoSoprano) but also her Miranda channel to run, inevitably means videos on here seem to have less time allocated to quality control.

   The editing is less polished, the thumbnails less meticulate, but in an easily-overlooked way, that’s exactly what Ballinger needs. This channel provides the sense of authenticity and spontaneity that her other channels cannot hope to replicate. It reminds us that Ballinger talks to the camera because she genuinely enjoys chatting and venting to her audience – so much so that she’s willing to publicise many instances of less-than-ideal editing, angles and lighting so long as it gets her message across.


This channel provides the sense of authenticity and spontaneity that [Ballinger’s] other channels cannot hope to replicate.

     In other words, Colleen Vlogs delivers a relatable, human side to Ballinger, which helps prevent her from being mistaken for perfect. In some vlogs and livestreams, Ballinger reveals things that don’t appear on her main channel, especially things she’s not supposed to be sharing with her audience: she frequently jokes she has nothing to talk about, or might get into trouble, because she gives away many secrets or behind-the-scenes details accidentally during her livestreams. In this respect, Colleen Vlogs serves as a channel for her more-dedicated followers – those who want her daily life updates rather than a quick recap of her bigger, less frequent life events.

In her videos, Ballinger comes across as very bubbly, but also very self-aware. She will say things that could elicit a negative response from her viewers – she might complain about her life or a first-world problem, for example – then quickly pick up on it and exaggerate it in a silly voice to make light of herself or distance herself from what she has just said. In this respect, Ballinger seems very concerned with coming across as a reasonable person (the exact opposite to her Miranda character). The only exception to this, however, is when she faces certain sensitive topics.


Colleen Vlogs delivers a relatable, human side to Ballinger, which helps prevent her from being mistaken for perfect.

      A staunch defender of LGBTQ+ rights, of gun reform, of being kind to people and always choosing happiness, Ballinger comes across as an emotional, thoughtful and strong role model. A talented person, but someone who has created opportunities for herself through hard work more than anything else. Consequently, Colleen Vlogs is a treasure trove of entertaining and inspiring videos, from an entertaining and inspiring woman almost certain to keep bringing out the best in people, wherever she goes.

Ultimately, you won’t know for certain whether this is the type of YouTube channel for you until you take a look. I did, and never looked back since!    

So, what are you waiting for?!





Ballinger waits eagerly backstage before heading on to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss her Netflix original series in a rare, high-profile U.S. television appearance. Afterwards, she reflects on the experience whilst unpacking her gift-bag from Fallon, and meets up with her family and friends to watch and react to the show together. After dancing in Central Park the next day to conclude her New York press trip, she finally flies back home to L.A.


She may appear nervous as she prepares to attend the premiere of her new show, Haters Back Off, at the Vista Theater in Los Angeles, but once inside the venue Ballinger seems friendly, calm and confident. Filmed by her friend Kory, Ballinger meets and takes pictures with her distinguished guests, before heading into the screening to deliver an emotional speech – one in which she endearingly almost forgets to thank Netflix for her Netflix original series!

A very emotional day.

Emotions run extremely and unexpectedly high 2 minutes into this vlog from Ballinger on tour. Reflecting on the intense pressure she is under, she breaks down as she contemplates not having had time off in so long – before clarifying that she is grateful for her job and just needs to vent to her audience in emotional moments like this. But her mood totally flips to euphoria after performing onstage and meeting one of her funniest, most charismatic fans ever!


In this January tour vlog, Ballinger finally goes public about her new show with Netflix, while it is still yet to be filmed and in the writing stages. We see her anxiously upload a video announcing the project to her Miranda Sings YouTube channel, before frantically scrolling through her notifications to read the incoming response from fans. It’s a huge milestone in Ballinger’s career, and signals the beginning of a very busy new year ahead for the upcoming YouTube star…

Words and Design by Matthew Nolan

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This article was printed in the December 2016 issue of THE STAG.