Join the Surrey Stingers!

Looking to join a successful sports team whilst at university?

Then look no further than the University of Surrey’s resident American Football team, the Surrey Stingers. The reigning South East Division 1 Conference champions and South Division One runners-up are looking for new recruits for the upcoming season.

Surrey Stingers2Surrey Stingers1

As well as joining a developed team, there are several bonuses that members can benefit from, including strength and conditioning sessions with highly qualified coaches, nutritional advice, social events including bar crawls and all new performance analysis. These, combined with free kit hire and transportation to matches, comes with the Membership Fee, which is great value at £65 for the academic year.

Practice takes place on Sundays (11:45-2pm) and Tuesdays (8-10pm) at the Surrey Sports Park.

For more information or queries you want to be answered, email this year’s President, Alex Cox, at Don’t forget to check out the team’s page on the Student Union’s website and follow their Facebook and Twitter accounts at SurreyStingers to keep up with all of the news.

Surrey Stingers3

By Darcy Cox, Sports Editor. In association with the Surrey Stingers.
Pictures and video courtesy of the Surrey Stingers.

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My Favourite Things: #1 Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup


Recently, there has been a huge growth of veganism which is impossible to ignore, with this growth has been an increase of interest in cruelty free, sustainable food products. Additionally there has been recent research on the negative impacts of sugar on our bodies. However, despite the well publicised health and environmental benefits of this kind of diet, do we really have to sacrifice taste?

The answer is no, my favourite product for this article is ‘Bali Nutra’ an alternative sweetener which has no artificial sugar (which makes it healthier even than agave), it’s low glycemic index makes is great for diabetics. It is produced by tapping coconut trees for their sap, which doesn’t harm the tree or other animals, unlike honey. The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) has declared coconut sugar as the most sustainable sweetener, so it is also good for the planet!

This all natural, plant based sweetener is therefore suitable for vegans, veggies, paleos and it will fit you marcos (for the gym rats out there!)

I use it mainly on my porridge in the mornings but it can be used in baking, hot drinks, on pancakes and anything else you would usually use sugar, honey and other syrups for. It tastes a lot like maple syrup, without any of the added unnatural sweeteners and has half the calories as honey – so is guilt-free!

However the goodness doesn’t stop there, it also contains 17 different amino acids, which influence the function of our organs, glands, tendons and arteries. These are responsible for healing wounds and repairing tissue. Furthermore, it contains inulin, which helps your blood sugar level from getting too high (hyperglycemia) or too low (hypoglycemia).

Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup is usually available on Amazon for about £10. The Founder has agreed to a 50% student discount to allow us a limited time to enjoy the goodness of coconut syrup for 100 bottles only.  

Use the code STD50DIS on amazon to get this amazing discount!

Also worth checking out their social media as they often publish delicious recipe ideas and occasionally launch giveaways! Don’t expect the 100 bottles to last long, so first come first served, good luck!


By Molly Miles, Health and Fitness Editor

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Should we eat like cavemen? – The lowdown on the Paleo Diet


‘The Paleo Diet’, or the Paleolithic Diet, was based on the paleolithics. To you or me, this means eating what a caveman would eat. This diet is widely recognised by its primary focus of meat, vegetables and fats as opposed to carbohydrates. However, this idea is much confused with the better known ‘Atkins Diet.’ In this article I will attempt to explain the differences between the two.

/ Molly Miles

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IM3 Fitness: A Guide to Engineering Your Body


Ime Bassey is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Surrey. When he isn’t pulling all nighters and struggling with word counts like the rest of us, he has built himself into a fitness role-model, competing in competitions, offering meal and training plans as well as representing a sports apparel company. I decided to approach Ime and ask him not only about his own experiences but also to answer some of the fitness questions many students are asking.

/ Molly Miles

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Calling All Future Game Developers!


Following on from the success of last year’s event, a second G3 Futures Event, aimed at galvanising the Guildford-based games industry, is taking place at the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre on 29 June from 5.00pm. Free to attend, this will provide an opportunity for students looking for a career in the gaming industry to network with local games companies as well as to learn about the latest innovations from key note speakers and a panel of industry experts.

G3 Futures is being organised by The University of Surrey, UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment trade body) and South East technology law specialist Charles Russell Speechlys. All three organisations are committed to supporting the local gaming industry, helping Guildford to maintain its reputation as a major technology and games hub, often referred to as “the Hollywood of the games industry.”

Last year’s event was a huge success – the first time that over one hundred and sixty Guildford-based games developers, representatives from local gaming studios and academics from the University of Surrey gathered together to discuss opportunities to collaborate, share issues and strengthen the renowned Guildford-based gaming community.

G3 Futures 2016

This year’s event will comprise of a key note speech as well as short presentations from regional developers and publishers about key topics including Virtual Reality and Immersive Content. Delegates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to other attendees and there will be a panel discussion, followed by a BBQ for all delegates.

The University of Surrey will host an Expo, showcasing its latest R&D including 5G mobile, spatial audio and performance capture as well as relevant degree programmes.  Dr John Collomosse of the University’s Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) is keen to encourage local developers to come along, “Last year we began conversations about collaboration with the industry and ourselves, and since then we have also run events with our students who are all keen to find out more about the industry. There is huge scope for Guildford to really extend and expand its games footprint and this event is hopefully driving that.”


Nick Hurley, Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys and Co-Host of the G3 Futures event added, “Guildford has a proliferation of gaming studios and independent developers who have made games enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It’s important that we value the contribution this makes to our economy and support the local gaming community. As a valued advisor with a proven track record in the computer games sector, we are excited by the latest G3 Futures event and delighted to be maintaining our support to help galvanise the local gaming community.”


Dr Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE commented, “Guildford has a fantastic reputation for creating internationally recognised content from both small innovative studios and large globally renowned games companies. UKIE has many members in the Guildford games community and we are proud to be supporting the G3 event to celebrate their work, promote the expertise of the Guildford hub and encourage links between games businesses and other local enterprises.”

To see the full programme for the G3 Futures event on 29 June. Places are limited so please ensure you register your interest to attend, please visit.

For further information, please contact or

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Surrey Astronomers Observe Mercury’s Transit

Mercury 2

Only a handful of times per century do we get to witness Mercury transiting our Sun. On Monday 11th May we welcomed the public to our telescope dome on campus to see this exciting event for themselves.

We had a 10inch Meade telescope with a solar filter set up to view the event, as well as a smaller solar scope. Happily, we were granted enough breaks in the cloud to snap a picture of Mercury just after it had just begun its journey across the Sun and also a few hours later when it was well on its way.

Our astronomers were on hand throughout the day to chat to the public about the planet Mercury, the transit and some of the fascinating research they are conducting, which ranges from which ranges from the unknown origins of giant “globular” star clusters, through to nature of the mysterious “Dark Matter.”

Despite the cloud and sometimes rain we still had over 250 people come to be part of this event. We hope those who didn’t get to see the transit themselves still enjoyed seeing the images we had taken earlier, viewing our telescopes and meeting the astronomers.

Demonstrating the incredible scale of our solar system

The images for Mercury transiting the Sun really capture the incredible scale of our solar system. Mercury is about a third the size of the planet Earth, but only 1/158 the size of the Sun, so it appears as just a tiny dot against the disk of our Sun. Transits are rare as they require Mercury (or very occasionally Venus), the Earth and Sun to all be aligned in their orbits.

Some of the images also capture some sunspots. These are dark regions, often larger than planets as can be seen here. These spots appear dark compare to the sun’s surface as they are colder, around 3,700° C, a much lower temperature than the Suns photosphere (visible surface) which is about 5,500° C. These spots are caused by the magnetic field of the sun surging up; they can often cause solar flares or coronal mass ejections.

Mercury 1

The tiny black dot of mercury passing over the surface of the Sun also reminds us what a remarkable coincidence it is that the Moon almost perfectly eclipses the Sun. This is most likely just a coincidence, but until we know any better we can dare to dream. Perhaps the Earth’s unusually large Moon is an important factor in the development of life. In that case, our near-perfect Eclipse may be no coincidence after all.

Winter astronomy evenings

We look forward to the autumn term when we will begin regular star gazing evenings on campus. And further into the future, the next transit of a planet is Mercury again on 11 Nov 2019 (then not until 2032)

To find out more about the day, one of our astronomers Dr Ramon Rey-Raposo has produced a video!


This article was written by Dr Heather Campbell of the University of Surrey and first published on in May 2016.

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The Legend Returns…

Image 2


Most of us can name that one book or movie that has a special place in our hearts since we were young. Perhaps it related to what we were going through when we first read it, or it gave us some guidance, or it made us fall in love with the characters, or, in general, it became a friend. For me, the first time I picked up Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (all of my friends were raving about the fourth movie, which was coming out at that time) was IT. THE defining moment. Not only did the books encourage my imagination to run wild, but thanks to them I started reading more… and soon enough I realized how much I enjoyed writing as well. And that was ten years ago.


So yeah, pretty defining.


And then the news comes out.

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Song & Album Review (May)

Jonathan Sirit

Gloom Sleeper – The Black Side (Song)

This month’s Stag Song of the Month is The Black Side by German four piece Gloom Sleeper. At just over three minutes it packs enough tonal shifts and distinctive styles to remain interesting, and even the simple, uninspired lyrics (‘there are no dreams left for me’) fail to detract from the track that would thrive with sufficient radio play.

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2016: Year of the YouTubers? Part Two – An Interview with Jesse George

Jenna Clarek 3


In our last issue, internet sensations Michelle and Aline introduced us to the world of YouTube by reflecting on their journey to finding an identity and audience in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle community. Now, Jesse George joins us from a very different world, the world of literature. As he reflects on his journey to YouTube book-reviewing stardom, his channel, ‘jessethereader’, already stands at nearly 9 million views, and counting. If you’re the type of person who is always on the lookout for their next fiction fix, I have only one piece of advice for you: Don’t stop reading!

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